My partner would love to come but is not interested to take the classes. Is there a discount for couples?

Yes, for non-painting partner there is a 25% discount.

We are partners and want to join the painting holidays. Do you offer any discount for two students sharing a room?

Yes, students sharing a room get a 10% discount.

What is included in the painting holidays price?

  • The transfer from Atocha train station in Madrid only on the first and last day of the course, but not the flights or travel insurance.
  • 6 nights and 7 days’ accommodation.
  • All main meals are inclusive. Some drinks are included with your meals, but if you would like something extra or outside of mealtimes we can offer a selection of drinks at competitive prices.
  • Minimum of 22 hours tuition per week with 24 hour daily access to the studio, the equipment and materials.

If you have any specific requirements to use other techniques you are welcome to bring your own materials, as long as they are not harmful or overly toxic. In this case, please tell us about your needs in advance.

Can I take my artworks away after the painting holidays?

Of course, your artwork is yours! After the end of the course if your painting is not dry or the size is too big to take it on board, we can arrange a delivery company so that they can be shipped at an additional cost.

What kind of food is included in the accommodation?

We will make sure that you will love the food as much as the classes. Every day we will offer a variety of delicious homemade Mediterranean food, supplied by local farmers and it will also include international dishes.

A buffet with traditional local food including among other Iberian products from the pork, vegetables, olives, extra virgin olive oil, cheese, wine, etc. will be offered daily at lunch time to meet everyone’s needs or tastes.

I have some allergies and specific dietary needs. Do I need to communicate it in advance?

Yes, please. We also recommend you to bring all your necessary medication and we will adapt the diet to your specific needs.

What is the weather like in Extremadura?

La Vera has a microclimate with benign temperatures in winter. This is due in great measure to the mountain range of Gredos that in winter shelters of the winds of the north and in summer it cools the strong insolation daytime with soft breezes that flow from the mountain to the valley, weather effect known as the Valley Breezes. For a more accurate information you can also check the daily forecast in the link below.


Do you recommend anything else to bring?

As it is Spain we always recommend to bring comfortable footwear, cool clothing and layers as temperatures may vary depending on the time of the year, sun cream, sunglasses and sun hats. If you wish to swim in the house swimming pool, we recommend you to bring swimming wear and your own towel.

How do I book for the painting holiday?

You can go to the price & booking page to get all the info.