Course information

The painting holidays at Las Paulinas offer a wide range of possibilities to meet every guest’s needs.

During the holiday the guests will receive a minimum of 22 hours a week of tutoring and 24 hours a day access to the studio. At the beginning of the course students will discuss with their lead tutor, Granada, their goals and how we can achieve them together. Every student regardless of their level, whether they are beginners or intermediate will receive a tailored program putting the focus in their interests and wishes. Students with a more advanced level can enjoy the freedom and availability of the creative course, have access to the studio and they will receive inspiration from the truly beautiful natural surroundings.

Everyday we will explore different formal aspects such us form, colour, composition, perspective, texture, etc. from still life to landscape and portrait painting to name just a few themes. In our studio we have a wonderful range of inspirational art and photography books and a wide range of materials such as oil paints, watercolours, pencils, etc.

In the life drawing sessions, we will carry out different exercices to help us understand the human anatomy, while having fun. During the sessions there will be a nice variety of different poses with various durations that will enable the students to play with different materials and styles.

In addition everyone is welcome to bring their own photographs to use as a motif or to bring any favourite book of photographs. Students will be encouraged to find their own style in a relaxed, informal and friendly atmosphere with a selection of different music play lists to inspire and amuse the art classes.

Groups are kept small from 5 to 10 people so that each student receives plenty of individual attention to guide them in their artistic learning process. Our students are mostly professionals of all ages looking to spend some unforgettable painting holidays in unspoiled Spain.


G. Heger ¨I was very pleased with my week with the group. As soon as I got back to my home, 4 weeks later I booked a week of watercolour workshop¨